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To hire portable air conditioners of any size, on the south coast of England including Brighton, Bournemouth,Southampton, Portsmouth, up to and including Oxford, Guildford and Horsham, then call our engineers today.

Whether you wish to cool an office, retail, industrial, server / comms room or an corporate event then Aircon Hire South Coast Limited engineers can help. We are able to provide friendly expert advice and find the correct solution to cool you down.

  • Free advice on the best solution for your business.
  • Same / next day delivery to West Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset
  • Emergency or long term hire, we can help.
  • Low cost air conditioning rental
  • Low noise ultra quiet model - commissioned solely for Aircon Hire
  • Office, Retail, Industrial, Server & Comms room and Exhibition & Event hire
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We provide an air conditioner hire service specialising in hiring out quiet and efficient air conditioners, for all work places. Whether you are retail, commercial, office based or even planning an exhibition or event, we can help with portable air conditioner hire. We stock a wide range of cooling equipment from quiet portable air conditioners which operate from the office 13amp ring main to light or heavy industrial cooling units ( from 4.7kW up to 100kW chillers ) or those more demanding applications.

Cooling for server rooms and comms rooms

For server and comms room cooling we can supply temporary or permanent air conditioning solutions at competitive prices. We offer short term cover for breakdowns or long term hire at low weekly rates with an on-site backup service appropriate for server and comms rooms. We pride ourselves on being able to find safe and practical solutions suitable in the more difficult situations.

Aircon Hire South Coast has engineers on hand who can give you friendly, expert and free advice on meeting your air conditioning hire needs (with on site assessments if required, at no charge)

Prepared to help at any time, able to deliver or install out of hours if required.

Based on the south coast we provide a fast and efficient service to the postal code areas of Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Brighton. If you are in any of these areas then give us a call for hire or for free advice on cooling in your workplace.

Whatever the environment you wish to cool then Aircon Hire South Coast Limited can help. We specialise in hiring portable air conditioners to meet office, retail, event and industrial requirements. covers United Kingdom (Southampton, Brighton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and South Coast). From office cooling equipment to office air conditioning units and portable conditioners we have them all. - We provide office cooling equipment for hire, office air conditioners and portable air conditioning units for hire.

Who are Aircon Hire South Coast Limited?

We are a well established family run company who provide a very high level of customer service, providing the best solution for all your short and long term hire requirements. We are low cost air conditioning hire specialists based on the South Coast covering West Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset. We provide portable air conditioner hire and emergency air conditioning systems for all commercial requirements to Portsmouth, Brighton, Southampton, Bournemouth and all surrounding areas.

What areas do you supply air conditioning hire to?

We are air con hire specialists serving Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex and South Coast of England including the towns and surrounding areas of Bournemouth, Brighton, Southampton and Portsmouth. If you wish to hire short or long term temporary air con solutions, please call us for free advice on 0845 094 0547

The basics of air conditioning .... How do air conditioners work?

An air conditioner is the same as a refrigerator minus the insulated enclosure. A pressurised refrigerant gas provides cooling when it expands within the system and the heat is transferred. The evaporation cycle in an air conditioning unit operates in the following manner, when the gas is compressed by the compressor it heats up to becoming high pressure hot gas. The heated compressed gas is passed through the condenser coils dissipating the contained heat and the gas condenses into a liquid state. The liquid gas flows through an expansion valve, as the hot gas evaporates it cools down, the pressure drops and it reverts to being a gas. The warm air from office, server room or comms room ( for example ) that the air conditioning unit is installed into is passed over the tubes containing the cold gas . The chilled air is blown out into the hot area and the cycle is repeated.

The cooling capacity of airconditioning units are rated in Kilowatts (kW) or in British Thermal Units (BTU). We have wide range of units ranging from 3.8KW to 100KW for hire. For example a very popular unit in our hire fleet is a very quiet portable airconditioner which provides 3.8KW or 13,000BTU of cooling. For the right unit for your circumstances please call us on 0845 094 0547

We offer free advice for all customers so you don't have to worry over the difficult job of calculating how much cooling you require for your situation

Unfortunately there are many hire companies who will try and hire evaporative coolers for an enclosed office environment. This is completely the wrong technology for enclosed offices. It was originally developed in America and the technology is also refer to as desert coolers. Water trickles over an plastic mesh from an internal reservoir, the warm air from the room is blown through the holes in the mesh and the water content of the air increases. In a marquee or open event it can be part of the perfect solution as the moist air feels cool on the skin as draws heat away as it evaporates. In an enclosed environment the humidity rises until evaporation can no longer take place and the room is left hot and moist.

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