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Within our range, are two types of heater – convector and radiator.

Convector Heater Hire
We have oil filled radiators and convector radiators. These heaters will increase the temperature of the air in the room and need to be selected to suit the room size and heating level required. These are the heaters most favoured for office spaces.

Radiant Heater Hire
These heaters do not heat the air but use heating elements in quartz glass tubes to radiate the heat through the air, warming anything or anyone within area covered by the heater. These are very effective in open spaces such as warehouses, open retail units or reception area’s for example.

For full peace of mind our engineers will ensure that the correct units are installed for optimum performance

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HEATER HIRE from Aircon Hire South Coast Ltd

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  • Heater hire service to Bournemouth, Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton & all surrounding areas
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Oil Filled Radiator Compact 2.4KW Heater
• Office & Domestic use
• Quiet operation
• 3 heat settings
• 24 hour timer
• Dimensions:
   H53 x W53 x D20 cm

Convection Heater 2.4KW Convection Heater
• Office & domestic use
• Low noise operation
• Overheat safety shut-off
• Dimensions:
   H80 x W55 x D20cm

Infra Red Radiant Heater 3,000 Watts Quartz Radiant Heater
• Rugged construction for    commercial use
• 2 x 1.5KW halogen tubes
• Safety tip over shut-off
• Light & heavy industrial use
• Dimensions:
   H118 x W66 x D52 cm

Halogen Heater Radiant Halogen Heater
• Reception & Office areas
• 3 heat settings
• Overheat safety shut-off
• Quiet operation
• Dimensions:
   H45 x W35 x D20 cm

Cube Heater Ductable Cube Heater
• Light & heavy industrial use
• Includes 5m Hot-Air ducting
• Rugged construction
• Dimensions:
   H35 x W35 x D40 cm

Heater Hire from Aircon Hire South Coast Ltd for Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex including the towns of Portsmouth, Brighton, Bournemouth, Southampton and all surrounding areas.

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