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" Within 3 hours of the call, the engineer had been on site, delivered and installed the on with his recommendation for the amount of cooling we needed...service was excellent"
Occam DM Ltd - Jason Phillips - IT Manager

PQ38 Ultra Quiet Air Conditioner

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low noise air conditioner for hire

We have a range of cooling equipment for hire and we can even hire portable conditioner units that do not have internal condensate trays which need periodic emptying and therefore do not switch themselves off if left unattended. A computer room is naturally a dry environment and any small amount of condensate extracted is vaporised and vented out through the exhaust hose.

Whether you need to hire air conditioners for a new server,data centre & comms room, emergency cover or temporary cover whilst waiting for planning permission or additional cooling to boost your installed system then just call us on 0845 094 0547

Server & Comms Room Air Conditioning Hire

Broughton air conditioning unit in server room

For free advice on the best solution on your cooling requirements
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The temperatures within server, data centre or communications room can rise rapidly but our powerful industrial units can provide 24 / 7 cooling for 365 days of the year.

Or if your installed air conditioner is struggling to cope then our units can be hired to supplement your conditioning system and provide additional cooling during the hot summer months.

  • 24 hour service / delivery to Bournemouth, Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton areas
  • Emergency cover - short term hire of air conditioning cover for installed system break down
  • Free technical advice on the best cooling solution for your server,data centre or comms room.
  • Long term hire - affordable rates with all the benefits of the hire service.
  • Modern and efficient units
  • Low cost air conditioning rental service
Air conditioning hire units
for Server & Comms rooms
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PM38 Monobloc unit high air flow 3.8kW air conditioner
• 3.8kW output
• High directional air flow
• Designed for 24/7 operations
• Condensate pump option
• Timer & Thermostatically
• Dimensions:
   H87 x W48 x D38cm

MC20 Monobloc unit MC20 5.9kW air conditioner
• 5.9kW output
• 3 Fan speeds
• Thermostatically controlled
• Condensate pump option
• Large diameter 3m Exhaust hose
• Dimensions:
   H101 x W68 x D43cm

MCM230 Monobloc unit MCM20 5.9kW air conditioner
• 6.7kW output
• 3 Fan speeds
• Thermostatically controlled
• Large diameter 3m Exhaust hose
• Dimensions:
   H110 x W55 x D69cm

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Split Air Conditioning
Units For Server & Comms Rooms
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Honeywell Split unit Honeywll 4kW split air conditioner
• 4kW output
• 2 Fan speeds
• Simple controls
• Quiet operation
• Compact indoor unit
• Dimensions :
   Indoor: H66 x W43 x D39cm
Outdoor: H46 x W40 x D22cm

Ariagel TE160 Split unit Ariagel 4.7kW air conditioner
• 4.7kW output
• Remote controlled
• Very powerful unit
• Up to 6mt hose
• 3 fan speeds + 'silent' mode
• Dimensions :
   Indoor: H83 x W59 x D39cm
Outdoor: H40 x W40 x D20cm

MCMW20 Split unit MCMW20 5.9kW split water cooled air conditioner
• 5.9kW output
• Automatic condensate disposal
• Adjustable thermostat
• Up to 30mt hose
• 3 fan speeds
• Dimensions :
   Indoor: H104 x W60 x D43cm
Outdoor: H53 x W56 x D31cm

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Aircon Hire South Coast provides air conditioning hire to cool all server,data centre, comms rooms & IT applications including the areas of Portsmouth, Southampton, Brighton, Bournemouth on the South Coast of the UK

For temporary or long term hire of hire heavy duty industrial air conditioners for all IT applications in the counties of Dorset, West Sussex,Hampshire,
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